"Behind The Cove"

DOCUMENTARY • 105 min + Keiko Yagi Talk Show 40min

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Talk show and Q&A with director Keiko Yagi  八木景子監督 舞台挨拶&トーク



In 2010, THE COVE, a documentary about dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan, won an Academy Award. The movie certainly brought attention to the whaling issue as a whole. But was the documentary entirely truthful? Did it portray both sides of the story correctly? Or was it a well-crafted story using sensationalized techniques - including hidden cameras - to tell a one-sided portrayal of the problem? More importantly, why has there not been a film from Japan responding to THE COVE? Well, now there is. Negative media coverage on Japan about the never-ending whaling issue prompted first-time documentary filmmaker Keiko Yagi to find out more about the topic. With no budget, limited experience in filmmaking, no fluency in English, but armed with a video camera and a strong desire to find out about the truth of the matter on whaling, Yagi started her research. What started out as a personal investigation triggered by childhood memories of whale meat dishes inevitably led her to the town of Taiji, the center of the whaling debate and the stage of THE COVE. What she found through her experiences there and elsewhere was a much bigger story than she had initially imagined. “Behind THE COVE” is director Keiko Yagi’s attempt to present a comprehensive picture of the dolphin and whale hunting issues in Japan, which includes interviews of people on both sides of the whaling dispute, its sinister political side, what THE COVE could not offer, and a unique take on the topic.



監督 撮影:八木景子




Director: Keiko Yagi


Cast: Louis Psihoyos (THE COVE director), Ric O’Barry (THE COVE main cast),David Hance (Sea Shepherd leader), 

© 2015 YAGI FILM inc.

In Japanese with English subtitle  

Screening Schedule

Saturday, August 18 | 11:45 AM

@Newport Beach Higashi Honganji